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A man for all seasons and employment law issues

I represent you with regard to dismissals, termination agree­ments, warning letters, and all other matters concerning labour law.



Expert Employment Lawyer

Hohenzollernstraße 89
80796 München
Phone:  089/49 07 36-10
Fax: 089/49 07 36-19
Email: info@fachanwaltmaier.de

I have been working for more than 25 years in the field of labour law. My law firm in Munich gives you advice when concluding an employment contract, with regard to all legal matters occurring during the employment and at the termination of the working contract, in and out of court. I place particular emphasis on the employees’ protection from dismissal.

According to the magazine “FOCUS Spezial” (2018) Specialist Lawyer, Fritz Maier, is one of Germany’s top employment lawyers.

According to the magazine “FOCUS Spezial” 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019/20 Specialist Lawyer, Fritz Maier, is one of Germany’s top employment lawyers. In the fields of employment law, law of succession, family law, tenancy law, and residential property law, criminal law and traffic law, FOCUS has listed around 700 top lawyers in Germany, among which are ten employment lawyers located in Munich. The list established by FOCUS is based on an online enquiry of lawyers/expert lawyers. The result from 16,000 relevant recommendations has been published in the magazine under the title FOCUS Spezial - Ihr Recht 2019.